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Jiangxi Huashuo Holdings Group Limited was founded in August 2005, the industry involved in the real estate, construction, materials, wine industry and many other fields, now the Group subsidiaries are: Jiangxi HUASHUO industrial investment limited, HUASHUO ceramics group, Jiangxi province, Jiangxi province construction engineering group, Ltd, Jiangxi HUASHUO concrete construction group limited, limited liability corporation, Jiangxi gaoan, Jiangxi red wine company limited, industrial diversity, rich products. Group-wide reach more than 3 billion yuan in fixed assets, annual sales of about 3 billion yuan, annual tax contribution of more than 100 million Yuan...

  • 2005/03
  • 2005/08
  • 2006
  • 2007-2009
  • 2010
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • __March 2005__

    Jiangxi ASUS Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. was formally established as a real estate project in Binjiang Bay International Garden synchronized construction.

  • __August 2005__

    The official acquisition of the first high construction company, and changed its name to Jiangxi Huashuo Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., combined with the relevant enterprises before the formal establishment of Huashuo Group.

  • __2006__

    Asus Group commercial real estate project Gao An Asus Fortune Plaza officially started construction, real estate projects from residential radiation to commercial eye.

  • __2007-2009__

    Huashuo Group, as the rapid development of three years, Jiangxi Huashuo Construction Group Concrete Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Gao Anshui wine limited liability company, Jiangxi Huashuo Ceramics Co., Ltd. have been established, the industry improved to the real estate, construction, materials, wine.

  • __2010__

    Jiangxi Huashuo Ceramics Group Co., Ltd. officially ignited, a large number of high-quality ceramic products are also put on the market to complete the construction industry an important supplement.

  • __2014__

    Huashuo Group and the well-known artists, the host, the national first-level actor Wang Gang teacher reached in-depth cooperation, Wang Gang, the official endorsement of the Huashuo Group.

  • __2015__

    Huashuo Group officially entered the Nanchang market, to meet market demand, invested heavily in the development of high-end residential "Huashuo Royal Dragon Court" to achieve "create quality community, leading the trend of residential" product concept.

  • __2016__

    Huashuo Group 10 years, the Group fully upgraded to Huashuo Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., to promote the Group towards the next peak.


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